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We are always in need of homes willing to foster animals with us!  Fostering can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be a tough job.  Please read over the information below, and discuss fostering with your family before applying.


The Basics

  • All animals in the home must be spayed/neutered, unless you provide medical documentation stating that doing so could be hazardous to the health of the animal.
  • All animals in the home must be up-to-date on DHLPP, Bordatella, and Rabies vaccines.  More information on this below.
  • When an animal is placed with you, it is expected that you will foster that animal until such a time as they are adopted.  This could be a few weeks, or it could be a few months.
  • The rescue will provide food, toys, bedding, crate (if necessary), and medical care for the animal.  You will, however, be expected to transport the animal to/from the vet and rescue events.  More information on this below.

Why Vaccinate?

We understand that some pet owners are wary of vaccines.  However, all of our foster homes must have their current pets up-to-date on the vaccinations listed above.  This is for the safety of your own animals!  When we bring in new animals, we do not know what diseases they may have or may be carrying.  To protect your animals from anything a foster may bring in, the best thing you can do is vaccinate them.


Transportation of Fosters

Foster families are expected to transport their foster to/from the vet (located in Anchor Bay) as necessary.  You will also be asked to bring your foster to at least two "meet & greet" events each month.  The location of these events will depend on where you are located, so we can pick the events closest to your home.  Please be aware that most of our events are in the Algonac/Chesterfield area, with one event each month held in Marysville.  If you need help with transportation, please let us know beforehand so that arrangements can be made.


A "Good" Dog

We have plenty of people willing to foster "house-trained, quiet, kid-friendly, pet-friendly" dogs.  Unfortunately, that description does not fit many of our fosters.  Some of the animals we take in are coming from bad homes, suffering everything from general neglect to abuse.  These animals need a foster home that is willing to be patient, understanding, and firm.  As a foster, you need to be willing to work with your animals to overcome commons "problems" such as house-training, destructive chewing, and/or food aggression.  We do our very best to place animals that are known to be unfriendly with children/dogs in foster homes without children/dogs, but we do not always know our animals' histories.  When a foster is placed with you, we will come out to do an "introduction" to any other pets you may have; encourage your whole family to be there.  By working together, we can help these animals overcome any fears they may have so that they can find the perfect forever home!


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