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Dog Adoption Application

Please allow 2-4 days for your application to be processed.  Watch your email in case we have any concerns regarding your application.  If we cannot contact you via email, your application may be put on hold or denied.

Current Pets: All current animals in the home must be spayed/neutered and up-to-date on vaccinations for your application to be considered.  If any pets in the home are not spayed/neutered, STOP HERE .  We can only adopt to homes with unaltered pets if there is a medically documented reason for the animal not to be spayed/neutered.  You will be asked to provide such documentation.

Renters: You must have permission from your landlord to adopt the species and breed you are applying for.  We will be calling to verify this information.

Minors: If you are under 21 and/or living with parents/guardians, please ask them to complete and submit the adoption application.  

(810) 734-1782 •  LUVUMALL101 [ at ] GMAIL.COM